About us

Founded on 1st of June 2017.
We provide:
–  Scottish themed entertainment at parties of various shapes and sizes
–  rental of kilts and other Scottish stuff
–  Estonian tartan and products of it in our E-shop.

NB! Let us gift-wrap your purchase + add something to your liking to the parcel (how about a package of healthy cold-dried strawberries from South-Estonia?) so that the surprise would be perfect.
We will then take a picture of the parcel and after receiving your approval will post it for you.

Tartan With a Twist

ScottEst OÜ is the official representative of HOE produced Estonian Tartan.

Estonian National Tartan was given as a token of friendship to Estonia by Scotts in 2005, the project organised by Honorary Consul to Estonia at the time Iain Lawson.

The tartan was produced as a symbolic gift from the people of Scotland to the people of Estonia and marks both the historic and the new links between the two countries. Designed by Perth-based House of Edgar, the tartan uses the blue, black and white of the Estonian flag plus gold and red from the Lion Rampant to emphasise the strong Estonian-Scottish relationship.

This is the piece of cloth that unites us so let’s use it for our enjoyment and in communication between Estonians and Scotts/ Estonia and Scotland.

Estonian National Tartan has been registered in Scottish Tartans Authority.

Tartan is a unique art form and conventionally a textile design comprising woven bands or stripes of various colours and widths, the design sequence being the same in both directions of the fabric – with some exceptions – and normally producing a square pattern which is generally – but not necessarily – symmetrical about defined pivot points or stripes (definition by Scottish Tartans Authority).

We produce stuff from Estonian Tartan by order, we also rent you a kilt and other Scottish attire and have a selection of products in our E-shop.

Contact us! Tel: (+372) 56460411

Scottish Party, Ceilidh

Party in Estonia with a Scottish Touch!

In Scotland its common in ceilidhs that several generations dance and have fun together. There is a saying: “Ceilidhs are like weddings, without you having to worry about the wedding present.”

You have a party or a get-together planned? Looking for a different theme this year?
Do it on Scottish theme for a change or just plan a wee bit of Scottish culture into your party. We also call a ceilidh on weddings!

Contact us! Tel: (+372) 56460411  From us you get  kilts and other Scottish attire.


Contact us

Tel:      (+372) 56460411
E-mail: info@scottest.ee
or click HERE to leave a message.

We will get back to you as quickly as we can within 12 hours.

Most likely it will be I who will reply to you.
My name is Eike and I have been breathing Scottish a little more than 16 years by now. Since 2005 I have organised Ceilidhs in Estonia, 2006 I started a SCD group in Tallinn and since 2009 I have driven Scottish Culture Society of Estonia.
I also teach Swedish,  I love Stockholm and try to make my everyday choices so that it will be considerate to the body and to the world.

Eike pilt
Eike Urke/Foto Terje Lepp/Eesti Päevaleht