About us

Founded on 1st of June 2017.
We provide:
–  Scottish themed entertainment at parties of various shapes and sizes
–  rental of kilts and other Scottish stuff
–  Estonian tartan and products of it in our E-shop.

NB! Let us gift-wrap your purchase + add something to your liking to the parcel (how about a package of healthy cold-dried strawberries from South-Estonia?) so that the surprise would be perfect.
We will then take a picture of the parcel and after receiving your approval will post it for you.

Tartan With a Twist

ScottEst OÜ is the official representative of HOE produced Estonian Tartan.

Estonian National Tartan was given as a token of friendship to Estonia by Scotts in 2005, the project organised by Honorary Consul to Estonia at the time Iain Lawson.

The tartan was produced as a symbolic gift from the people of Scotland to the people of Estonia and marks both the historic and the new links between the two countries. Designed by Perth-based House of Edgar, the tartan uses the blue, black and white of the Estonian flag plus gold and red from the Lion Rampant to emphasise the strong Estonian-Scottish relationship.

This is the piece of cloth that unites us so let’s use it for our enjoyment and in communication between Estonians and Scotts/ Estonia and Scotland.

Estonian National Tartan has been registered in Scottish Tartans Authority.

Tartan is a unique art form and conventionally a textile design comprising woven bands or stripes of various colours and widths, the design sequence being the same in both directions of the fabric – with some exceptions – and normally producing a square pattern which is generally – but not necessarily – symmetrical about defined pivot points or stripes (definition by Scottish Tartans Authority).

We produce stuff from Estonian Tartan by order, we also rent you a kilt and other Scottish attire and have a selection of products in our E-shop.

Contact us! Tel: (+372) 56460411

Scottish Party, Ceilidh

Party in Estonia with a Scottish Touch!

Look no further – we will make it for you! See a clip of a ceilidh we ran in Alatskivi Castle.

In Scotland its common in ceilidhs that several generations dance and have fun together. There is a saying: “Ceilidhs are like weddings, without you having to worry about the wedding present.”

You have a party or a get-together planned? Looking for a different theme this year?
Do it on Scottish theme for a change or just plan a wee bit of Scottish culture into your party. We also call a ceilidh on weddings!

Contact us! Tel: (+372) 56460411  From us you get  kilts and other Scottish attire.

Šoti kultuurinurk

Contact us

Tel:      +37256460411
E-post: info@scottest.ee
Vastame meilile esimesel võimalusel, hiljemalt 24h jooksul.


Kõige tõenäolisemalt vastan Sinule mina. Minu nimi on Eike ja šoti teemas hingan tänaseks ligi 15 aastat. Alates 2005. aastast olen korraldanud Eestis šoti tantsuõhtuid – keilisid (Ceilidh) ja aastast 2009 vedanud Eesti Šoti Kultuuriseltsi. Lisaks õpetan rootsi keelt ning argielu valikud püüan teha keha ja maailma säästvalt.

Eike pilt
Eike Urke/Foto Terje Lepp/Eesti Päevaleht